Functions: 100% inspection of formed screw with new technology. No break, damage,
                    crack, shortage, denting or die break of screw or during punching will escape our
                    Examination Machine. Direct Installation without dismantle of mold and dies helps
                    reducing service cost and increase production efficiency.

Features:Multiple Function Integrally Central Control, Dual-CPU Computation delivers
                    high precision, sensitive and stability. It helps to protect tools and dies, reduce
                    defects of product, cut manpower cost, and it is equipped with high level fault
                    detection ability.
                    Extremely operator-friendly design offers easy operation.

Application:Widely applicable to Head punch, Screw forming machine, Hallow Punch,
                    2-Die-3-Punch, 2-Die-4-Punch, 3-Die-6 Punch, Open/ Close Mold Head Punching

   Project Sensor Computer Link Applicable for ISO/QS 9000 Series Process Control and Daily
Production Statements. Please call for detail services.

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